Arts and Crafts Style Copperware


and Contemporary Designs

Coppeware in the Arts and Crafts tradition.  Items range from vases to picture frames to bookends.  May pieces are patterned after origional Arts and Crafts pieces from the early 1900s.  Others are of the makers own design.  

John also produce some pieces just for the fun of working with copper and can produce custom items on request.

The Artist

John Monk has been working with copper since 2010.  John was introduced to Arts and Crafts style copperware at the John C Campbell Folk School.  Previously a tinsmith, the joy of working copper revitilized his desire to create.

Now, after retiring from a life of diverse professional activites, John is bringing his art to you.

Now at Riverside Artists Gallery, Marietta, OH

John is a member of the Riverside Artists Gallery.  His work my be seen and purchased at the Gallery at 219 2nd St, Marietta, OH.   Works seen on these pages are available through the Gallery.  Phone (740) 376-0797 for more information.

You can visit the Riverside Artists Gallery online by clicking here.

Items on this website may be purchased from the artists by contacting him at or by contacting the Riverside Artists Gallery.   The items you purchase may not be the exact items show here, but will be similar appearance and quality.